Developing the children’s confidence and social skills is key to our mission at St Paul’s, as is making sure they enjoy their time at pre-school. The wide variety of indoor and outdoor play on offer enables them to acquire new talents and explore new interests.


We can change the set-up of the hall (illustrated above) to allow for a wide range of activities, although it usually features a home corner, a library area, craft tables, a dressing-up cupboard, musical instruments, a “Small World” area, a construction mat and a varied selection of games, puzzles and toys and indoor PE equipment.

We have a table for maths and literacy, a computer and lots of time for singing, making music and cooking.


Our outside play areas include a surfaced courtyard playground that features a play house, a large sandpit, water play, gardening, a selection of bikes, tricycles and ride-on toys and a vast array of PE equipment.

There is also a grass meadow with plenty of space to run around, planks to build with and tyres, slides and small climbing equipment.

We have a sensory garden within the courtyard which promotes multi-sensory learning.

The children spend plenty of time outside, in all weather, and need to dress prepared for fun.


9.00am  Greeting, registration and joining the group for free play, adult led activities indoors and outdoors

9.30am  Children are encouraged to  take part is play activities indoors and outside, exploring, investigating and discovering through hands on experience

9:30-11:30am Snack bar is open for business.  Children are encouraged to help themselves to a variety of healthy food and a drink of water or milk.  Allergies and dietary requirements are followed.

11.40am   Tidy-up time indoors and outdoors

11.50am  The group gathers for song and story time

12.00 pm  END of morning session

12:15-1:00 Lunch Club: children enjoy their packed lunches sharing the eating experience with peers and teachers.

13:00-14:00 Playtime and learning activities 

3.00 pm  END of afternoon session









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